Reasons Why So Many Plus Size Women and Men Now

There has been a vast increase in the number of plus size men and women in London in current times. The rate of plus size people has also seen a sharp increase. It is extremely essential to know the main reasons behind this growing rate of plus size individuals specifically in women. The simplest means to know if you come in overweight category is to compute your body mass index or BMI for short. It is an easy and simple tool. A BMI index, which is above 30 means that you’re overweight or already fall in the category of plus size. There are many reasons why there are a massive growing number of overweight people in London and some of these reasons are listed below:

Kind of Diet
Oily and greasy foods that are rich in sugar, salt as well as fat contents are one of the main reasons directly linking overweight to diet. Opposed to the common, believe not all overweight individuals in London are fast food fanatics, but fast food is related with considerable weight associated issues. Eating huge portions of food is also a factor that contributes to overweight people in London.

Health Associated Issues
A lot of medical issues occurring in London such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism as well as hormonal imbalances could also cause weight to increase to a higher extent. This could happen to those who are following a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine. When you come across any such issues, right away you can call a doctor.

Hereditary factors
Another reason why there is a fast rate of overweight individual in London is due to hereditary factors. Insulin insensitivity, slow metabolism, as well as diabetes could be hereditary and improve the risk of overweight.

Lack of Proper Workout Routine
Trainings or exercise is remarkable way to keep healthy. Lack of exercise result in weight gain and lots of issues associated with increased weight in London. A lot of men and women in this place have a sedentary job as well as lifestyle, which make them risky of becoming overweight. Some of these individuals in London don’t have or don’t follow exercise routine.

Growing Number of Restaurants
Perhaps the growing number of restaurants in London is one of the main reasons why there are lots of men and women which are being overweight. London is known for having a mouthwatering menu. Another reason is that people in London love to eat food rich in fats and carbohydrates such as burgers, pizzas and more.

Maybe you are thinking why climate is one of the factors that contribute to the massive increase of overweight people in London. London is a cold place, so people love to stay at their house packed with thick blankets, and this refrain them from working out. We all know that exercises are the best way to lose weight and keep a slim and thin body.

These are just some of the main reasons why there are growing numbers of overweight people in London and UK. However, no matter what the reasons are, it is their choice.

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